Clinical Pain Consultants welcomes you

We understand that pain affects more than just the physical presence: it affects the whole person.

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Our Philosophy is to Improve Your Quality of Life by Managing Your Pain

The team at Clinical Pain Consultants, serving the communities of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, strives to know each patient’s individual concern and develop a care plan to address those concerns. We are committed to serving our patients by providing a wide variety of pain management treatment options to help them resume their lives, pain-free.

Our Providers Will Help You Succeed

Each practitioner in our clinic is qualified to address your pain. We take the time to listen to you and we want to make sure that we understand your concerns.

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Mari Pinzl, APNP-BC

Education: Marquette University

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Mary Kofigah, APNP-BC

Education: Concordia University

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Mary Beth Checkai, APNP-BC

Over three decades of clinical experience

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Dr. James Halikas, M.D.

Education: Medical College of Wisconsin

Our Services are a Process

We look at your health and previous treatments comprehensively. Then we come up with a plan for treatment. We see our patients on a monthly basis.


  • Medical History
  • Tests, Scans, etc
  • Previous Treatments
  • Pain History

Office Visits

  • Vitals and Urine Sample
  • Assess, Review, Adjust
  • Initial Visit: 50 Minutes
  • Follow-up Visits: 20-30 Minutes


  • Medication
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy (Referral)
  • Collaborative Care

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Appointments are required for every office visit. Drop us a message to inquire about an appointment or for general questions. (Please do not include sensitive information in your message below.)