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Medication adherence statistics are startling. Half the time, patients don’t take medication as prescribed, 20-30% of new prescriptions do not get filled, and the majority of people with chronic disease take less medication than prescribed after six months or cease taking it altogether. Clinical Pain Consultants, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has a team of experts in pain relief and medication management who carefully monitor their patient’s usage to ensure they get the most benefit from their prescriptions. If you’re unsure whether you’re taking your medication correctly, check. Call to schedule an appointment.

Medication Management

What is medication management?

Medication management is a treatment the qualified practitioners at Clinical Pain Consultants provide. They conduct a full evaluation of a patient’s condition, looking at their prescriptions and use, their overall health history, and what other medicines the patient is taking. They then schedule monthly follow-up appointments to assess how well it’s working and to modify the prescription if necessary.

If you take multiple different types of medication or follow a comprehensive daily routine when taking it, look into how personalized medication management at Clinical Pain Consultants can help you successfully stay on top of it.

What does medication management do?

Physicians write prescriptions based on an individual’s current health. Orders often cover a set period so they can assess the patient’s progress before writing a new one depending on the response to the previous. However, they can only do this effectively if the patient follows their advice to the letter. Medication management enables a physician to take a more active role when supporting their patient.

Medication management is particularly vital to those with chronic pain because they often take several medications at once, which is not only challenging to manage but can cause severe ramifications for the patient’s health if any of the medicines react adversely with each other.

View medication management as an extra level of support in helping you achieve better health. You and your physician want your treatment to work, and this offers the best chance of success.

What are some effective medication management techniques?

There are several useful medication management techniques patients and doctors can follow to ensure optimum pain relief, including:

  • Pill pots - small containers labeled with when medication is due
  • Alarms - notify when medication is due and instructions for taking it
  • Pharmacy data - tracking prescriptions and flagging any prescription combination risks
  • Patient records - physicians to refer to when writing a new prescription
  • Patient education - collaborative medication management between doctor and patient

The team at Clinical Pain Consultants truly listens to your needs when prescribing pain relief medication. 

If you’re unsure how to follow your prescription, call us to schedule a consultation and join the satisfied patients who receive individualized medication management support from them every year.